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South Tyrol is...

...a fascinating environment

Located in northernmost Italy, on the southern edge of the main chain of the Alps, this incomparably diverse landscape unfolds across a relatively small area. It encompasses drastic differences in altitude between 200 m in the valley and 3,905 m elevation at the peak of the Ortler, the highest mountain in South Tyrol. Meanwhile, with their striking pinnacles and peaks, the world’s most beautiful mountains reach into the sky in the southeast. Marvel at the legendary Dolomites: a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2009.

Made with great pride, the valleys and gentle hillside meadows are home to excellent local products such as apples and wine, dairy products and Speck Alto Adige smoked ham. Meanwhile, forts perched atop plateaus tower above stylish examples of modern architecture. Bolzano/Bozen is home to the oldest South Tyrolean, "Ötzi", a 5,300-year-old iceman unlike any other in the world.

The medieval arches in the historic city centres are evidence of the region's eventful history and a time when the province was an important trade hub between north and south. These days, hip shops showcase local craftsmanship and noble Italian boutiques line the alleys. Rural traditions are best witnessed in the countryside whilst the Mediterranean way of life and openness for new things can be experienced wherever you go.

The three official languages, German, Italian and Ladin, are evidence of the cultural richness of South Tyrol. You can taste this richness by sampling the excellent Alpine-Mediterranean cuisine. Apropos cuisine, South Tyrol has the highest density of Michelin-starred restaurants in Italy. After fine dining, luxurious thermal spas invite you to relax. Moments of peace can also be enjoyed outdoors at scenic places of power, which offer active and enjoyable experiences all year round.

South Tyrol - the other side of Italy
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