Sledge world cup 2019

Val d'Ega/Eggental

Friday, 25.01.2019
7.00 p.m. Official opening ceremony of the World Cup 2019 with athletes and honored guests
9.00 p.m. Nice get-together at the arrival area with “Dj El Paso", "Wambo DJ", "Dj Olly" & "Jason"

Saturday, 26.01.2019
3.00 p.m. “Preiswatten”
7.00 p.m. Soapbox race on snow
9.00 p.m. World Cup-Party in the tend with “X-Lagre”

Sunday, 27.01.2019
10.00 a.m. Breakfast with “Weisswurst” and live music by the group “The Snoops”

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