Ski Center Südtiroler Wipptal

Small, family-friendly with snow guaranteed; - three catchwords which have come to describe the three ski resorts Racines-Giovo, Rosskopf-Sterzing and Gossensass: fun on perfectly-groomed slopes from the beginning of December to mid April with a single ski pass! Medieval aura with modern charm. The old Fugger town of Vipiteno/Sterzing is a small gem amid spectacular surroundings with its side-valleys Racines/Ratschings, Ridanna/Ridnaun, Valgiovo/Jaufental, Fleres/Pflersch and Vizze/Pfitsch. Meadows and forests, Alpine pastures and glaciers, to a large extent unspoilt nature. Town and countryside complement each other in the most delightful way.

Vipiteno/Sterzing - Racines/Ratschings

Ratschings ski area

Vipiteno/Sterzing - Racines/Ratschings

Ladurns ski area

Vipiteno/Sterzing - Racines/Ratschings

Rosskopf ski area

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